Le Femme Velociraptor

A few simple keystrokes and you can overrun Vogue’s UK homepage with some a host of dapper and well-dressed Velociraptors. Oh, the magic of Konami Code.*

*Hit ↑↑↓↓← → ← → B A (and keep hitting A)

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No time for love, Doctah Jones! Because it’s time to FREAK OUT once again with your hosts, Aaron, Alan, and Bobby as we take on Doctor Who, Star Wars on Blu-Ray, Bobby’s trip to I-Con, and of course: The majesty of the week in comics. Find out what’s worth pulling (and what needs passing), as well as Alan’s haunting secret and the allure of Le Femme Nikita: VELOCIRAPTOR. What are you waiting for?

Listen here or via iTunes!

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