General Motors may be getting their ass kicked around the block on the auto-industry, but you have to admire the smarts in pursuing robotics as a model. Think about it: They’ve got factory after factory filled with robots patiently waiting for SkyNet to send out the “KILL” command, so why not get on their good side by developing even more hardcore ‘bots? Yup, GM & NASA* have been working together to build more dexterous and agile robots capable of operating in the cold, hard embrace of space. I’ll be kind and just assume it’s for a better reason than that they couldn’t figure out how to outsource space-walks south of the border. Check out a clip of our future lords in action:

via Wired

That’s some seriously cool stuff, though I question the whole “Not only have we made a robot, but we went ahead and gave it the cudgel with which it will crush our fragile skulls” thinking…

*Wow, that’s not like a perfect combination of inefficiency, huh?

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