Mark Mallman

Twin Cities-based popster Mark Mallman wrote an ode to his hometown (aka the cool twin) over the course of a 36 hour drive back from Los Angeles and the result is this wonderful little pop gem, Minneapolis:

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Over the weekend I caught up with dbp pals The Dead Girls along with Knife Crime and Mark Mallman at the excellent Record Bar. Mark Mallman was an unknown act to this little monkey, but was described by The Dead Girls’ Nick Colby as “the punk rock Randy Newman”, a description that was just dead-on.

Now, if your exposure to Randy Newman consists wholly of Pixar films that probably won’t win you over, but anyone who remembers Newman back when he was the (deservedly) darling of the songwriter set should get a little excited about that.

Here’s the title track from Mark’s most recent LP, “Invincible Criminal”:

And yes, Mallman was this ridiculous(ly awesome) live.

Good stuff, and I heartily recommend picking up his new single “Minneapolis” on iTunes.

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