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As the countdown to Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary Special continues, here are six former Doctor Who companions discussing their days traveling through space and time with a mad man in his blue box.

Doctor Who’s companions on life inside the Tardis – video interviews

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Okay Doctor Who fans check out this very cool infographic including all of The Doctor’s companions from Susan Foreman to Rory Williams. Click here or on the pic for the full-sized version.

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Everybody needs to collect something, and one Doctor Who aficionado has taken that idea to an absurd extreme by collecting panties of the Doctor’s female companions. He does however draw the line at collecting any underwear from the various Doctors or any male companions as he is “not a gay pervert.” Take a gander at his official site where you will no doubt get lost in the goldmine of nerdom insanity, such as the following:

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Head over here, enter a noun, click, and you’ll get something similar to this…

Each image is also available on a t-shirt.

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Oh Doctor

by Cap'n Carrot on October 27, 2010

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Thanks for a few folks in the Doctor Who Reddit for digging up this radio clip from a few years back. While giving a live interview on radio Freema Agyeman is confronted with an odd caller who just happens to spend most of his time in a big blue box.

David Tennant pranks Freema Agyeman on Virgin Radio!

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Nice compilation of all of the Doctor Who companions over the years (including the best of the best at 1:48).

Doctor Who: The Companions (All of the Doctor’s companions & friends 1963 -2010)

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So, I’ve been going back and watching the new Doctor Who from the beginning. Here are some random thoughts:

1. I really, really wish there were more Christopher Eccleston episodes.
2. “The Girl in the Fireplace” is still one of my favorites.
3. The infinite temporal flux really is like Back to the Future.
4. Martha Jones, in my humble opinion, is still a better companion than Rose Tyler.
5. K-9 is still awesome!!!

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top ten doctor who companions

The Time Lord has traveled space and time for decades, and for almost all of that time, The Doctor has taken a companion or three along for the ride. With American audiences finally getting the chance to see Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead this weekend, beginning the end of David Tennant’s run and introducing us to a new companion, it seemed like as good a time as any to take a look back. Here, in my humble opinion, are Doctor Who’s Top Ten Companions (with apologies Captain Jack and Tegan who just missed the cut).

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