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by mr sparkle on November 23, 2011

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The medium of 3D Video is almost constantly under attack from the general public, and this is not completely unfair. Studios saw the unbelievable success of Avatar as an easy answer to falling Box Office grosses, and exploited it as a gimmick that rarely justified movie-goers of the extra few bucks.

But there’s no reason the extra dimension in 3D should be considered a detriment, filmmakers just need to figure out how best to use it. But after many of them have failed to create much with this new layer in movies, it should be no surprise that, with Hugo, unquestionable Filmmaking Master and ecstatic Film Historian Martin Scorsese would figure out a way to take full advantage of 3D in a way that is just as important to storytelling as cinematography, Mise en scene, and anything else you would find in a 2D film.

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Leandro Copperfield, the maker of Tarantino vs. Coen Bros, returns with a brand new mashup: Kubrick vs Scorsese. 25 days, 34 films, and 1 tribute. Enjoy.

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