Matt Mulholland has taken the time to redub the lobby scene from The Matrix with hilarious results.

‘The Matrix’ Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack – Matt Mulholland

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So, Kid Flash is not only lost in the Flashpoint universe, he’s also in the 31st Century. He’s a time traveler, I guess that’ll be okay. And, like Barry Allen he’s disconnected from the Speed Force. Sounds kinda boring, but maybe the story will be good. The 31st Century is ruled by Braniac. Braniac? Sigh, okay. And he’s turned the entire world into The Matrix. Wait, what?

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Okay, we’ve got many, many complaints about the final Matrix film, but the epic fight between Neo and Smith isn’t one of them. Now, to up the awesomeness exponentially, it’s been recreated in LEGOs.

[via MOCpages]

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You have to discover that for yourself in this funny, if a bit rough, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World / The Matrix mashup.


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She's My Man

by ShadowStalker on April 28, 2010

in Music Videos

When I was trying to find more Scissor Sisters videos for yesterdays post, I came across this awesome homage to the old Matrix ping-pong video.

Someday I’ll find the time to get our archives online, at which point I can link to our original post about that ping-pong video.

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