mba is shorthand for misguided

Since Alex’s new gig in the silicon salt mines won’t allow him to fritter away productive hours by posting nonsense on dpb, I’ll do it for him: Here’s a great little piece on software engineers and job hopping from Ted Dziuba:

As an engineer, you are told that you’re “lucky to have a job”, because there are “a hundred people lined up outside, ready to take it”. (As chance would have it, there are at least a thousand lined up to take the job of rich prick who tells people what to do). This backlash is the product of diseased thinking. A CEO who makes an engineer work 80 hours a week is a driven entrepreneur, but an engineer asking for a comfy chair is a prima donna. So, when we are up to our knees in golf-course, martini-lunch bullshit, don’t be surprised when we jump ship for a higher salary.

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