mean melin

mean melin minneapolis 2010I’ve had a lot of people ask me for an official Mean Melin T-shirt and I’ve finally figured out a way to make it happen. After spending five days on the U.S. Air Guitar 2010 tour, I racked up five straight second-round appearances and zero first-place finishes. May 28 in Las Vegas, however, will be my last chance to qualify for the USAG Nationals, which are July 22 in NYC.

mean melin t-shirtYou can get a certified Mean Melin T-shirt and I can raise enough money to get to Vegas! Each $20 donation to the Mean Melin USAG 2010 fund gets you a preorder of one Mean Melin tee. Please specify the size you want (Youth Large, S, M, L, XL) and the shirts will ship when I get home from Vegas (the first week in June).

Any money you donate beyond that is cool too, but if you donate $40, you’ll get two T-shirts, $60 is three, and so on. (By the way, all shirts are 100% Cotton, black, and have sleeves. If you want to cut ’em off like me, you’re more than welcome!) Fill out your mailing address and everything through PayPal. Please specify your T-shirt size in the ‘message’ line!

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