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Though I’m not a fan of the film (sorry ‘monkey) I’ll still share this with you. Here’s The Whiskey Rebellion‘s homage to The Goonies. This is “The Ballad of Chester Copperpot.”

The Goonies Song: “The Ballad of Chester Copperpot”

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I don’t remember this 45-minute attempt at adapting Isaac Asimov’s Robot Series for television, but I kinda want to see it. From these short clips of Robots you can tell the production was hampered by a meager budget (not to mention some questionable acting), but it still looks better than Alex Proyas’ I, Robot with Will Smith.

Isaac Asimov’s Robots

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light cycles old vs newThe folks over at Pocket Lint have a small gallery of photos showcasing the new Light Cycles from 2010’s Tron Legacy.

First, let me admit I really like them (even if their design looks a little too influenced by the Bat Pod), but I have to say I still prefer the original.

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The folks at CineMassacre have put together a list of The Top 10 Worst Movie Clichés. They make some good points.

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mel gibson crazy beardFace it.

You knew it in your heart before you saw “The Passion of the Christ,” the South Park parody, or heard about his Dad’s statements or his drunken arrest when he called a female cop “sugartits.”

Mel Gibson (whose “comeback” film “Edge of Darkness” opens Friday) is a unique individual.

Well, that certainly rubs off in his films, and Scene-Stealers contributor Phil Fava has come up with a gloriously entertaining Top 10 this week that compiles all of the man’s craziest moments on film.

So sit back, crack a Foster’s, and enjoy the Top 10 Craziest Mel Gibson Movie Moments. And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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If you’ve got a 90 minutes or so check out Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier, the 2007 documentary on the history of the franchise hosted by Leonard Nimoy. It’s broken up into nine parts, which is a little annoying, but take a look at part one below and then you can find the rest here.

ST_ BTFF (pt. 1-9)

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Hey Jude…

by alphamonkey on January 21, 2010

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hey jude flow chartThis brought a smile to my face.

The Hey Jude Flow Chart is just one little nugget on the ChartingTheBeatles’ photostream any self-respecting Beatles fan should spend a few moments perusing.

And, if you are interested in the idea behind visually representing the music of the band, you should check out Charting the Beatles which visually breaks down the band’s music in quite a few different graphic representations.

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He does whatever a spider can. Look out! Here comes a Spider-Man:

Spider-Man (1967) – ”The Origin of Spider-Man”

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james cameron globe 2010I love watching the Oscars. It’s the one time of the year that I get all fired up about things that shouldn’t matter to me so much. I want this year to be good. I want it to be awesome.

Right now, though, it looks as if it might just infuriate me. I hope the 2010 telecast can avoid these pitfalls, so I’ve gone ahead and listed them below—hopeful that they may not come true.

This is a predictive Top 10. Keep in mind that the Oscar nominations are not announced until Feb 2. Ballsy? Sure. Why not? I criticize because I care. Read the Top 10 Reasons the 2010 Oscars Will Fail.

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The day isn’t going to end before I get a chance to celebrate Danny Kaye‘s birthday with this classic clip from The Court Jester. Remember, “the pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!”

The Court Jester – The Pellet With The Poison

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