Michele Bachmann has zombie eyes

I can’t decide whether this is the self-appointed Tea Party Caucus leader’s admission that her entire crusade is out of its mind, the fact that the notoriously zombie-eyed Representative is in fact an evil undead horror, or just a continuing chapter in the dumbification of American politics.

But anyway, Michele Bachmann officially kicked off her presidential campaign* in Waterloo, Iowa by promising to mimic the spirt of Waterloo’s famous son, John Wayne. What’s more American than that? Except that Waterloo’s John Wayne would be John Wayne Gacy, noted clown and serial killer. The Duke himself was from Winterset, a few hours away.

Bonus fun: The war over who will control John Wayne’s wikipedia entry has begun! Someone has recently gone in to update the Duke’s personal info to reflect Bachmann’s version of the world and not say, reality.

Oh man, but it’s going to be one crazy, crazy election cycle…

* I hope her campaign song is “Run for the Hills”

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