mister miracle


When Barda (Laura Post) is kidnapped by Darkseid (Jonathan Adams), Batman (Kevin Conroy) goes in search of the Mister Miracle (Roger Craig Smith) who has the only item the ruler of Apokolips is prepared to trade for – the final sequence of his Anti-Life Equation. Initially mistaking Batman for a super-hero magician, the universe’s greatest escape artist refuses to listen, but when Granny Goodness (Cloris Leachman) and her Female Furies arrive Scott is forced to explain to the world’s greatest detective just what Darkseid wants from him. Of course this means a trip to Apokolips and some trickery and sleight of hand before all is said and done and Darkseid is left without either his hostage or his equation.

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Well… that’s not what I was expecting. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Mister Miracle is one of the New Gods created by Jack Kirby in 1971. A mix of escape artist and super-hero, Mister Miracle is best known by anyone from my generation as a member of the goofiest damn Justice League team ever assembled. This comic is anything but goofy. We’re introduced to a Mister Miracle who isn’t all there. Bruised and battered from a trick that went right (or possibly wrong) Scott heads home with Big Barda only to be haunted and hounded by a phrase (Darkseid Is) and hallucinations.

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