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I’ve been told by not-always-reliable sources that it is indeed Thursday. What the hell! That’s a good enough reason to hop back to 1979 and get a loving dose of Elvis Costello & the Attractions running through “Oliver’s Army”, one of my all-time favorite tracks from the man in the thick black glasses.

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While this clip for from Houmam Abdalla for Beirut’s “The Rip Tide” isn’t particularly groundbreaking, it is a perfectly gorgeous bit of late workaday chill. Stick around until the 3 minute mark or so for some lovely effects.

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Eagle eyed pals will recognize director Andy Cochrane as a former contributor and longtime pal of the site*, but more importantly he’s an aces filmmaker with a new video: Darin Bennett & the Requiem’s “Holdin’ Me”, which is a rather slick little cut-up on the one-take video. BEHOLD THE WONDER.

*And one I expect to make drunken bad decisions with in a few weeks. Hint, hint, Andy.

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Over the weekend I caught up with dbp pals The Dead Girls along with Knife Crime and Mark Mallman at the excellent Record Bar. Mark Mallman was an unknown act to this little monkey, but was described by The Dead Girls’ Nick Colby as “the punk rock Randy Newman”, a description that was just dead-on.

Now, if your exposure to Randy Newman consists wholly of Pixar films that probably won’t win you over, but anyone who remembers Newman back when he was the (deservedly) darling of the songwriter set should get a little excited about that.

Here’s the title track from Mark’s most recent LP, “Invincible Criminal”:

And yes, Mallman was this ridiculous(ly awesome) live.

Good stuff, and I heartily recommend picking up his new single “Minneapolis” on iTunes.

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Though I’m not a fan of the film (sorry ‘monkey) I’ll still share this with you. Here’s The Whiskey Rebellion‘s homage to The Goonies. This is “The Ballad of Chester Copperpot.”

The Goonies Song: “The Ballad of Chester Copperpot”

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Nice little classic TOS mashup.

Pain – Star Trek Remix

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by alphamonkey on January 26, 2010

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From Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” to New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” here’s 100 dances, in 100 locations, to 100 songs, in 100 days.


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Because nothing brightens the day like a little Kermit:

You’re welcome.

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It’s been awhile since we’ve spread some Muppet love, so we’ll stay old school with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem performing “Barnyard Boogie.”

Muppet Show: Barnyard Boogie

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Chosen as one of the fifteen best rising music stars who have been named on the longlist for the BBC’s Sound of 2010 this is solo female singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding with “Starry Eyed,” the second single released from her upcoming first album Lights. The BBC description (which you can read here) refers to Miss Goulding’s sound in this manner: “If Kate Bush, Bjork and Stevie Nicks shared a flat in Shoreditch in 2009, but were a little bit more sane, this noise would emerge.” I wouldn’t go that far (and fear for the music coming out of Britain in 2010 if this is some of its best), but I’ll agree with our pal Fork – She’s British, blonde, and makes kinda crappy music, but I can’t really hate her.

Ellie Goulding ‘Starry Eyed’

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