When the show returns on January 4th it looks like the MythBusters will be tackling Star Wars. Sounds good to me. Thanks to Jessica for the heads up!


Adam and Jamie examine the most controversial myth yet.

Mythbusters: Does God Exist?


Okay, that may not have been the Mythbusters‘ plan, but damn if things didn’t go wrong as their attempt to disprove cannons can shoot any material ended up by sending a cannonball 700 yards off-course into a residental neighborhood where it went through a house, bounced off the road, and then a roof, before finally smashing into a parked mini-van. Following the series of events future episodes of the show have been put on hold pending a full investigation.

MythBusters Cannonball Experiment Gone Wrong… Hits Houses and Car in Dublin, CA


The Mythbusters stopped by the Attack of the Show to talk about the show, driving sports cars backwards, surviving hurricanes, exploding diesel engines, and whether or not solar energy causes impotence.

MythBusting with Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage


I must say the chance to take Applied Physics from the MythBusters, Computer Science from Chuck Bartowski, Archaeology from Henry Jones, Jr., and Diplomacy from James Bond, is one not to be missed. That, and I already have a crush on the Soccer professor.

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