Nice little classic TOS mashup.

Pain – Star Trek Remix

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vader clockNow no officer in the Imperial Fleet wants to be awakened by Darth Vader. Yeah, you just know that’s not ending well.

But with this Darth Vader Helmet AM/FM Clock Radio (which includes jacks for MP3 and CD players, and sound clips from the films) you can be jarred from your peaceful slumber by the Dark Lord of the Sith every morning.

A $50 price tag might be a bit too much, but it is available pre-order at a discounted price here.

And if you will not get it… perhaps your sister will.

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light cycles old vs newThe folks over at Pocket Lint have a small gallery of photos showcasing the new Light Cycles from 2010’s Tron Legacy.

First, let me admit I really like them (even if their design looks a little too influenced by the Bat Pod), but I have to say I still prefer the original.

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There is nothing about that phrase which isn’t awesome.

digital oragami tigers

via designboom

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How ’bout adding a little sciencey twist to help organize your favorite video game characters? Yeah, kinda cool. Thanks IHC for this nerdtastic take on the periodic table. Click here or on the image to see the full table.

periodic table of video game characters cap

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Soundwave transforms your music by adding the awesome

by alphamonkey on January 15, 2010

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Is $80 too much to pay for a fully functioning transformable Soundwave MP3 player? I don’t think so. I don’t this so, at all.

soundwave mp3 player

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Star Wars Burlesque (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like) recently took over the Los Angeles club Bordello for a night of geeky debauchery thanks to the folks at Devil’s Playground. The clip (and pics which you can view here) are a little NSFW, but it’s Star Wars Burlesque so you aren’t going to let that stop you, are you?

Star Wars Burlesque

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If you’re a MythBusters fan (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?), you might want to check out the following video of Adam Savage sharing his failures to a captive audience. Take a look.

MythBuster Adam Savage’s Colossal Failures

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count chocula and friends tshirtCount Chocula, Frankenberry & Booberry. All together on one-shirt.

I think this one sells itself.

(And the first whippersnapper who asks “What’s a Count Chocula?” gets punched right in the face.)

You can check out more of Kurt’s retro-style T-shirts here.

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Feeling the need to stylize your boring old laptop? Maybe this Street Fighter decal is exactly what you need.

laptop decals snow white street fighter

I’ve also got to acknowledge the clever use of the Apple logo in this Snow White decal, too. Check out a full list of available decals including LEGO, Batman, and Star Wars, here.

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