In the spirit of the much-beloved Nu52 reboot*, cartoonist Ward Sutton has re-imagined the stable of Republican presidential hopefuls as the newest crop of capes looking out for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!**

Give ’em a looky-loo already!

* Just kidding. We don’t love it.
** These models not shipped with those options

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fox news pollIn a recent Fox News poll on the evil liberal hoax of global warming a total of 120% of voters let their voices be heard.

That’s impressive! Impossible, but impressive!

You can find more on the story here.

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This is how you start framing the health care debate away from “scary big government” and “death panels” and put the focus where it belongs – on people, compassion, community, and responsibility. Watch.

Healthcare For All Americans

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republican mathA recent FOX NEWS poll asked Republicans who they would support in the 2012 Presidential Election. Out of the possible 100% here’s the breakdown of the results:

70% – Sarah Palin
63% – Mike Huckabee
60% – Mitt Romney

Watch the video here.

*I have to admit this does help illustrate how Republicans can dismiss a 70% approval for a Public Option as nothing more than a “fringe view.”

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So you support Sarah Palin for President? Um, okay. Could you give a single reason why? No? Well, thanks for playing. Funny stuff, and I’m giving out some bonus points for its similarities in style to the 1986 heavy metal documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING – Interviews with Supporters

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Yesterday Al Gore sat down with Katie Couric to discuss Global Warming and the current state of this tiny little green and blue dot we call home.

@katiecouric: Al Gore

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Jon Stewart tales some time to explain Net Neutrality and how John McCain’s “Internet Freedom Act of 2009” doesn’t exactly do what its title implies.

From Here to Neutrality

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When you repeatedly ask, order, cajole, and plead with strangers to burn down the local theater you can’t act surprised when someone actually strikes the match, and you can’t feign ignorance. In the case George Tiller, a Kansas doctor who has repeatedly been attacked over the years for performing late-term abortions, Bill O’Reilly, and several other FOX News pundits, labeled the man a baby killer and demanded he be stopped. And this past weekend he was. Tiller was shot while serving as an usher in his local church by a right-wing extremist in an action which FOX News has denied any involvement or complicity.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann decided he had finally had enough. The man who used turn a funny phrase in giving out the latest SportsCenter highlights stepped back from his own entertaining newsman pundit persona to lay the facts of the situation bare and call for an immediate calling on the carpet of FOX News for what he views as their contributing influence to the murder. In a rather Murrow-esque moment Olbermann called for the quarantine and boycott of FOX News and any businesses which supports them, or, as he sees it, their agenda. Whether or not people can support this position, or even take Olbermann seriously, who has been in his own heated public battle with FOX over the past few years, remains to be seen.

Keith Oblemann calls for a Quarantine of FOX News

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Yes, you are Bat-shit Crazy!Kathy Grimes of TownHall.com for going ballistic on President Obama. Last week, while giving the commencement address at Arizona State our President, instead of presenting platitudes and blowing smoke up the gowns of the recent graduates, actually had something to say about the broken state of our economy and about the nature of capitalism.

He asked the students to not only look to make money with their shiny new degrees, but look towards ways they could help their communities, to be good human beings and not just good consumers, and to work towards bringing America back to the status the country once had. Well, it seems Kathy Grimes took exception to these remarks.

Here is Ms. Grimes’ response:

“Obama is such a narcissistic sociopath that he is total denial about his own ‘greed factor’… After telling the graduating students to give more of themselves and work for non-profits instead of big business, and work for free health clinics and poor high schools – unlike he and his wife or anyone they know and associate with. Graduating college students are not supposed to aspire to success according to Obama. They are not supposed to care about profit because profit is bad and evil. Who does obama think supports non-rpofits andf charities with their evil profit? It’s not the civil servants.”

If you can stomach it, read her full diatribe here.

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ron-silverWord around the internets is that Raffaella De Laurentiis, daughter of 1980’s Flash Gordon producer Dino De Laurentiis (okay, he produced other movies too, including Army of Darkness, but Flash is the one I remember him mostly fondly for), wants to adapt the television show MacGyver to the big screen.

It seems Marvel has chosen an actress to play ex-Soviet kick-ass super-spy the Black Widow for Iron Man 2. Now I like Scarlett Johansson fine (hell, I even liked The Island), but is there anyway anyone out there can get me on-board with this casting? Please?

And, on a more somber note, actor Ron Silver passed away yesterday at the age of 62 from cancer. Silver’s 35-year career gave us such timeless classics as Timecop, The Arrival, Live Wire, Danger Zone, and Blue Steel. He will be missed, and not just for summing up the difference between himself and Jean-Claude Van Damme in a single sentence: “You see, I’m an ambitious Harvard-educated visionary who deserves to be the most powerful man in the world and you… you’re a fucking idiot who never figured out that the only way to make anything of himself with all that fancy kicking was on Broadway.”

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