Mmmm… homemade Popsicles. Oh Timer, how we miss you. Lennie Weinrib, who provided the voice for Timer, was also the original voice of Scrappy-Doo, Voltron‘s Prince Lotor, and the diminutive detective Inch High Private Eye. He also appeared as Captain Crook in McDonald’s 70’s McDonaldland commericals.

“Sunshine on a Stick”

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Was Batgirl the first Booster Gold? In the 60’s I guess it was appropriate to expect to get paid for saving lives and even lecture those in mortal danger about equal pay before attempting to, you know, save them from an explosion.

Batgirl Teaches Batman a Lesson about Equal Pay

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An important PSA you need to watch from voice actor Lance “D.C. Douglas” Baxter (click here if you need context).

D.C. Douglas PSA For Tea Party And FreedomWorks Critics

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