Movie producer/director and explosion auteur Michael Bay has put together his trailer for Need for Speed: The Run. You have to hand it to the guy, even in a commercial for a video game the man still finds a way to shoehorn in gratuitous butt-shots. The game, which centers around your character racing from San Francisco to New York in a 3000 mile massive illegal street racing event called “The Run,” hits shelves today. If you’ve got the time, go out and grab a copy and tell us if it’s as fun as this trailer suggests.

Michael Bay’s Need for Speed The Run TV Commercial

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Fast Five

by mr sparkle on April 29, 2011

in Film

Ten years ago now, an unassuming car genre movie became a surprise hit. But even then, when The Fast and the Furious made an unseen $144 million dollars, no one could have expected it to spawn a fourth sequel, with a fifth already being written before its predecessor hit theaters. But a lot has changed since then – what started as a film about underground racing has turned into an international action franchise that, in some countries, is outgrossing the traditional Summer-Opening Blockbuster.

But the Fast and, normally, Furious franchise doesn’t need to be as relatively subtle as its beginnings would suggest. Just the opposite, they define the summer movie of a bygone era, where you don’t have to play with genre or superpowers – all you need is beautiful people doing cool shit.

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