In the spirit of the much-beloved Nu52 reboot*, cartoonist Ward Sutton has re-imagined the stable of Republican presidential hopefuls as the newest crop of capes looking out for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!**

Give ’em a looky-loo already!

* Just kidding. We don’t love it.
** These models not shipped with those options



Almost without exception the second issues of the DC Reboot have been an improvement. The stories are better written, the art feels less rushed, and the writers more effectively use the characters. I say almost without exception, because the second issue of Justice League feels like a step in the wrong direction.

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Yessireebob, it’s another Four Color Freak-Out! This time Alan & Aaron talk about Cowboys & Aliens, the newest twists in Fear Itself, Flashpoint, the continuing tragedy of Dynamite Publishing, and why Marvel really is the House of Ideas.

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Yes indeed, true (and not-so-true) believers. It’s another edition of the Four Color Freakout, and this time around Mr Sparkle (aka Ian McFarland) joins us to talk about the unexpected goodness that is X-Men: First Class (and why you must, must, must see what is easily the best true X-Men film to date), along with our reactions to DC’s announcement that it’s rebooting the DCU at the end of Flashpoint. Plus the Cap’n tries to make me cry by blowing the ending to Fear Itself #3.

Get your listenin’ shoes on and spend some time with three nerdy guys in a room with microphones already!

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