Ann Widdecombe and Stephen Fry debate the question (with the addition of some nice animation by iq2 Shorts).

iq2 Shorts – Stephen Fry vs Ann Widdecombe: Catholic Church Debate via Boing Boing

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This my friends is Jim Steager performing his original song “Dogs of Glory.” If you can make it more than 10 seconds without bursting into laughter you’re a stronger man than me.

Childrens Video – Dogs of Glory by Jim Steager

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I’m Gonna Punch You in the Head for Jesus

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The Atheist Agenda, the University of Texas at San Antonio student organization, is offering free porn for students willing to trade in their bibles as part of their annual “Smut for Smut” campaign.

I’m sure there are those who will take immediate offense to this, but I can’t help but chuckle and wonder why this practice wasn’t in place when I was in school.

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Sad news indeed.

Thankfully we have The Onion to report such hard-hitting stories and keep us all well-informed.

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by alphamonkey on November 30, 2009

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Sometimes late night channel surfing can lead to something, well, like this… Bibleman is an Evangelical super-hero (I swear I’m not making this up) played by Charles in Charge‘s Willie Aames (Buddy FREAKING Lembeck!), who also wrote and directed episodes of the series. Although Aames gave up the role to other actors, we can, thankfully, still hold him responsible for Bibleman’s existence.

As far as I can tell Bibleman was a Born Again Christian (he found a bible in the rain, or something) and a cross between a religious scientist and super-hero (with his own super computer in his Bibleman cave – no, really, I’m not making this up) whose mission it was to help children find Jesus and defeat the evil of baddies such as Shadow of Doubt, Luxor Spawndroth, and Dr. Decepto, with the word of God (and a lightsaber!).

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Okay, I’m a big fan of Groundhog Day, but I never thought much about a metaphysical message or meaning tied to the film. Here’s director and co-writer Harold Ramis giving us the scoop about people of all faiths and disciplines finding something special in the movie.

Harold Ramis: Is Groundhog Day a Religious Movie?

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religion flowchartHaving trouble deciding on a religion? Maybe this handy dandy chart can help.

After all, it’s the simply things like your feelings on bacon, magical underwear, and Chinese takeout that really tell you who you are and what you should believe.

Now go, my child, and find your religion.

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File this one under WTF? Okay, teh ‘monkey and I are both relatively sure this is a put-on (and too ridiculous to take seriously), but we’re going to share it with you anyway. Meet the folks at Love Gods Way who want to protect you from the evils of gay music:

“There are multiple levels of Gay Music. Some bands are what we like to call Gateway Bands. They lure children in with Pop Grooves and Salacious Melodies leaving them wanting more. They’ll move on to more dangerous bands and the next thing you know you’ve got a homosexual for a child.”

love gods way

The group’s members include reformed homosexual Donnie Davis whose personal mission is to turn homosexuals into “normal people.”

We’re hoping this is an over-elaborate joke, because if it’s not we’re going to have to set the hounds loose on these folks pretty damn soon.

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by alphamonkey on October 20, 2009

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This film project from Vancouver Film School attempts to examine “both sides of the story of Earth’ s origins in a dizzying and provocative journey through the history and language that marks human thought” through split-screen animation. For more on the project wander through the tubes in this direction.


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