Wow. Had I not already known Kirk Cameron‘s strongly-held religious beliefs as a Christian evangelist I would have sworn this was done in parody. Some of the nuggets included within: the Atheistic brain-washing of a generation, Hitler’s “undeniable connection” to the theory of evolution, the “unscientific belief” of the Big Bang, and, oh, so much more. Wow.

Kirk Cameron – Origin Into Schools

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You read that correctly: CLOWNS.

Clowns that teach abstinence only sex-ed.

Pennywise says keep it in your pants!

While juggling.

Personally I think the juggling bit is going overboard. You’ve already introduced clowns into the discussion. It’d take one hell of a libidinous soul to keep the mood going at that point. Let’s try an experiment, hmmm?

Tonight when you’re getting and heavy, take a moment to think of and then quote everyone’s favorite Pennywise the Clown saying ‘We all float down here‘ and then try to get to third base. I’ll accept your results in the comments.

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If you believe the Mayans (and others, including quite a few Christians), the end of the world is just a few years away. Upset at all the doom and gloom? Well, turn that frown upside down and bling yourself out in Apocalypse wear! Whether it be shirts, hats, sweats, mugs, mousepads, throw pillows, or even an apocalyptic teddy bear (perfect for “Valentine’s Day, baby showers, birthdays, well-wishes, or weddings”) the folks at have you covered.

Note – purchasing and wearing such merchandise might expediate your journey to Hell

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Tuesday\'s Worth ReadingGet your read on with this set of interesting, clever, and diversionary articles:

It’s been a while but the supposedly true stories of a tech-department-gone-horribly-wrong known as ‘Where is Bob‘ is updating once again. This time the hapless boss has set his sites on that most egregious example of workplace waste: Interns.

There is no hate more pure than a man’s hatred for his mom’s favorite singer as evidenced by An Open Letter to Celine Dion.

I’ve avoided posting on the passage of California’s Proposition 8 mostly because it’s such a terrible, terrible mark upon an otherwise uplifting election season. But rather than stew about it, Tom Ackerman has a novel approach to turning the tide: Simply refusing to recognize anyone’s marriage.

And since intellectual powerhouses* like William Kristol are pushing for Bush to proactively pardon America’s more over-zealous soldiers in the War on Terror, Jon Swift posits that same pardon should be extended to Wal-Mart shoppers responsible for the stampeding death of a store employee on Black Friday.

File under: They still made that? Well, not anymore. Gaze in wonder and horror at The Long, Slow, Torturous Death of Zima from Slate Magazine.

And finally… the global financial crisis has impacted nearly every aspect of business, but Marc Stober showcases where it’s hurting the most: Personnel. read the Stober Family Financial Memo.

*and by ‘powerhouse’ I mean has a perfect 0.0 record for accuracy, insight, or common sense

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While it’s a little wide in scope (and sometimes dearly lacking teh funneh), I got a chuckle out of Things Creationists Hate.

Ambiguous Gender

Dustin Huwe reminds us that although Genesis tells us that God created Man and Woman, there are some unfortunate folks around who are hermaphrodites or have ambiguous genitalia. Hermaphrodites therefore are mass produced by evolutionists to confuse believers.

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The Department of Health and Human Services is proposing barring federal funds to organizations and clinics that won’t hire personnel who might refuse a patient treatment or counseling if it conflicts with their personal beliefs. While on the surface such a shield law seems sensible, in this case it’s not-so-subtly aimed at family planning and womens’ reproductive health clinics. Furthermore, the DHHS is contemplating widening the description of abortion so broadly as to incorporate oral contraceptives as well as against a near-universal understanding of the medical terms ‘abortion’ and ‘pregnancy’.

The above article is based of a draft proposal, so there’s no guarantee it’ll come to pass, but just think for a moment on this. Even after setting aside the ridiculous notion that oral contraceptives (even the ‘morning after’ pill) could somehow count as abortion (read about the mechanics of how those actually work here), this is just potentially bad law through and through,

While there’s justification (and indeed legal precedent) in the notion that an employee should not be forced to work against their own personal beliefs, there’s a dangerous line being crossed here, and I have the same argument for it as I do for companies that allow pharmacists or pharmacy technicians to refuse to fill orders or service that run contrary to their beliefs. For one, there’s no justification for inserting one’s self into a doctor/patient relationship of which you are not directly involved. That’s a non-starter by any standard. Secondly, the notion that pharmacist or tech can arbitrarily decide to quite possibly decide for another their reproductive decisions (with results that can very much last a lifetime) should be anathema to anyone who believes that we as a species have an inalienable right to decide on matters regarding to our own health.

If someone’s moral values are such that they can’t perform the service they’re charged with providing, then there’s a very good argument that they shouldn’t be in a position where that’s even a concern. And yes, while in many cases people can turn to another to provide the same service we have to remember that there are equally as many cases as where there might be no other option.

An employer with a server who refused to serve steak that was on the menu because they were morally opposed to meat-eating, so why would we make an exception for a situation in which a woman (or couple) might be refused the right to decide for themselves what’s best for their health?

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Conservapedia seems more and more like a bizarre performance art-piece unleashed upon an unwitting public. How else do you explain the continued existence of a wiki designed solely to ‘combat the left-wing bias of Wikipedia‘?

Well, they’re at it again. Considering how the news of evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski’s discovery of evolving strains of e. coli was received among Transbuddha readers, take for a moment to imagine the reaction of Andrew Schlafly’s crew.

But the real fun is had when Schlafly (who comes by his pompous idiocy naturally) attempted to throw down a gauntlet by requesting Lenski’s raw data from Lenski himself. The result is hands down the greatest take-down flame I’ve ever read, as Lenski points out that a) all the data is in published paper which b) Schlafly admits to not having read and c) is probably incapable of understanding anyway.

To Conservapedia’s credit, Lenski’s responses are published in full on the site (more than likely due to Lenski’s note that he’d publish them widely elsewhere otherwise), and I heartily recommend taking a few to read through the exchange.

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I rather obsess over the current trend of anti-intellectualism (and the fiery return of mysticism as answer to natural questions), and while I don’t think we’re quite to that point I think it’s important to remember just how badly our civilization has been knocked back due to an irrational distrust of science and innovation.

To that end, here’s Carl Sagan speaking to the destruction of the great Library of Alexandria from the final installment of his wonderful series, Cosmos:

Watch ‘The Library of Alexandria

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Otto RahnThe Telegraph gives the skinny behind the strange and sad tale of Otto Rahn, the archaeologist who inspired Indiana Jones and was ultimately betrayed by Heinrich Himmler, who funded his research.

Since weekend outings are rare and far between here at Casa del Mono, this weekend’s adult fun won’t be Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull but rather Eddie Izzard at the Playhouse Square in Cleveland thanks to a rockin’ birthday present for the wife from D&A. Judging from the only fair-to-middling reviews, I think we’re making the better choice.

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Internet Sausage

by alphamonkey on May 8, 2008

in Miscellany

The Washington Post reports on NeuStar, the company that acts as the digital directory for every phone call made in the United States (as well as a number of text and internet transactions), and the nebulous oversight realm it resides in – No, that’s not scary at all.

Goodbye Super Deluxe. Hello Adult Swim. – Yup, Super Deluxe is folding into Adult Swim because that content is SO similar. I think someone thought “Hey, that Brad Neely guy is popular. And he draws stuff. Let’s just make it all Adult Swim”

The R2-D2 Projector – WANT does not convey my desire. (Thanks, Ted)

Pop Goes Christianity – Slate takes a look at Daniel Radosh’s Rapture Ready!, which explores how Christian culture has created it’s own shadow pop culture.

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