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Real Steel

by mr sparkle on October 7, 2011 · 3 comments

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The venerable Alphamonkey is too preoccupied at Fort Awesome to make many advance screenings, but last week he joined the Cap’n and yours truly to catch Real Steel. I was confused as to why this would be one of the few screenings he had decided to check out, and asked why. “It’s got fighting robots!” he argued, and I realized I sort of agreed with that excitement. Real Steal is literally about boxing robots, a story so pointless, it sounds like a one-off joke you might hear come out of Comic Book Guy. A movie with that log line is starting at the absolute bottom – it’s so stupid, it just might work in a weird reverse sense of the word “good;” and even if that’s not the case, there’s no where for the film to go but up.

And indeed, I’d be hard-pressed to tell you that Real Steel is a bad movie. But still, it’s pretty bad.

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