Rocky IV

I want you to take a moment to appreciate that we live in a world where someone took the time to remake the “No Easy Way Out” montage scene from Rocky IV (in which Rocky drives around all mopey inter-cut with flashbacks of Apollo getting beaten to death by a roid rage Russian).

Rocky IV Montage – No Easy Way Out via The Retoist


What happens when you take clips from the various Star Wars movies and mash them up to Robert Tepper‘s “No Easy Way Out” in a Rocky IV-style montage? I’m glad you asked…

Star Wars: No Easy Way Out


Because you (and here I’m referring to Lintly and Shadow) demanded it, the next round of Rocky IV figures will include Russian boxer Ivan Drago. No word yet if the figures will come with miniature steroid syringe or how long we’ll have to wait for the figure of Drago’s wife Ludmilla.


As a counter-point to the video we shared with you earlier here’s Robert Tepper with “No Easy Way Out” from the montage masterpiece known as Rocky IV. You can find a higher quality (but sadly non-embeddable version) here.

Rocky IV – “No Easy Way Out”