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Nine years after Rocky Balboa allowed Philadelphia’s favorite son to step into the ring one last time comes an unexpected sequel in Creed. Written and directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), the new film hearkens back to the themes of the original Rocky while putting a fresh take on the tale of an underdog boxer overcoming the odds to earn his big chance. Creed is as close to a reboot as you could get without recasting the Italian Stallion as a young man and not only pays tribute to the original series but sets the stage or any number of possible sequels. It may not be as good as the original, but it stands up well in comparison to any of the Rocky sequels.

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Pop! has a series of Vinyl Figures from the Rocky films including The Italian Stallion, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, and Clubber Lang. (Sadly it appears Thunderlips didn’t make the cut). Each can be yours for the low, low price of $10 each.

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As a counter-point to the video we shared with you earlier here’s Robert Tepper with “No Easy Way Out” from the montage masterpiece known as Rocky IV. You can find a higher quality (but sadly non-embeddable version) here.

Rocky IV – “No Easy Way Out”

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Now you can have one, thanks to the folks at NECA toys who are putting out a line of 7″ Rocky figures including Creed and the Italian Stallion. No word yet if Thunderlips or Clubber Lang my also be on the way. Me? I’m holding out hope for Paulie (complete with whiskey bottle and bitch slap action arm).


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Yo Adrian! They did it! They turned Rocky IV into a musical!

Rocky IV: The Musical (Sylvester Stallone)

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Because you’ve always wanted to see Rocky Balboa fight ED-209. Admit it! ADMIT IT!!!

Alex Metric & Steve Angello – Open Your Eyes ft. Ian Brown

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I’ve got to say I pity the fool who doesn’t like these Rocky inspired creations by Gerry Mckay.

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Oh, so that’s why lintly loves Rocky III so much!

Rocky Recut Trailer (Romance) – Balboa’s Love Triangle via I have seen the whole of the internet

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If you cram an ass-load of information into a brief two to four minutes with no dialogue–just rockin’ music and quick-cut action–you are relying on the power of the montage.Warren J. Cantrell from Seattle, WA has compiled his list of the Top 10 Movie Montages. He could have easily made a list “50 films deep,” he writes, so parameters were set and followed.

The 10 movies he ended up with all have perfect examples of that most lazy and helpful of storytelling devices–the montage. (It’s a method so powerful that “Team America” sang a song about it.) If you’d like to contribute a Top 10 list, email me at In the meantime, enjoy this list of Warren’s Top 10 Movie Montages.

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