Super 8! DC’s big reboot! Doctor Who’s mid-season finale! How in pasta’s name did we ever think we’d be able to record a quick 30 minute mini-episode? Well, obviously we’re a bit stupid because when you put myself, the Cap’n, and our pal Eric Melin in a room together things are going to get a little talky. Also insult-y. And possibly huggy.

So give a listen while we take down (and build back up) Super 8, commiserate and bellyache over the impending DC reboot, and giggle with glee over Stephen Moffat’s masterful fan-buggering ala “A Good Man Goes to War”.

Highlights include: Predictions on how hard the Cap’n will be crying after Green Lantern, and discussion around Captain America sodomizing dead hobos on screen.

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Well, it’s Tuesday, so it must be Top 10 day for our pals over at Scene-Stealers. In an attempt to cleanse our collective palette after Eric decided to Human Centipede the concept of a buddy film, I decided to throw down on those critically acclaimed actors who for some gawdawful reason start taking any paying gig that comes their way.

Yup, it’s the Top 10 Kings of the Paycheck from yours truly.

Give it a read and then tell me why I’m oh-so-right or oh-so-wrong.

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Teh ‘monkey and I had so much time with the Scene-Stealers podcast last week we decided to give it another go. Check out what we have to say about True Grit, The King’s Speech, and various nerdy movie news in this week’s edition.

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This weekend, I’ll be blogging for Digital Content Producer‘s Sundance 2009 BlogLive. I’ll have audio podcast interviews with directors who have movies premiering at this year’s festival, and I’ll be posting profiles/reviews of films appearing in the festival’s Short Film Program. One such filmmaker is Don Hertzfeldt, whose hilarious short film Rejected, from 2000, is above. Check in with for all the Sundance updates this weekend. Right now, can get an exclusive preview of the challenge of creating a CGI character on the new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie with my interview with Superbad director Greg Mottola.

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