The beta version of the Science Fiction Encylopedia is now online. Other than some formatting and layout issues (long entries are not easy to read) it’s pretty functional, at least for a beta. However, we do have one complaint. How can the 1980 cinematic masterpiece Flash Gordon earn little more than a footnote? For shame!

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by mr sparkle on June 4, 2010

in Film,Media Rack

Though there’s a veritable ocean of horror film being banished to Straight-to-Video-land (or not being picked up for distribution at all) that I can’t speak for, Horror films that get shown widely are almost always utter shite.  This is a genre where the highest profile material comes out of a production company from Michael Bay.  So it’s super-refreshing to see Warner Bros. pick up independently-produced Splice, a hybrid of horror and sci-fi that, while nothing masterful, is able to put forth an interesting story that is just as horrifying as any kill scene in the movie.

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