We’ve been pretty frustrated with the speed of dbp since we rev’d up the new server, so this week we decided to kick it up a bit on a new host. So far so good! It’s moving quick, and I no longer have time to get a sandwich when I log in. But the very best thing?

I’m bringing in the complete Transbuddha archives this weekend. Yup. You’ll see some weirdness on the category list, and probably some broken images in the old posts, but soon enough you’ll have the entire 2003-2009 Transbuddha archive back at your grubby little fingertips.


Update: So here we go. 10,484 posts, 2,643 tags, 17,669 comments, 168 authors, and 7 years of high-octane time-wastin’. It’s going to take some time to get the mediaholder back up and running, but rest assured I’ll be getting our video archive back up and a’runnin.

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Speed Assembling Servers

by ShadowStalker on March 15, 2010 · 5 comments

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At The Planet’s SXSW booth they’re running a contest to see who can assemble a server the fastest. The demonstration below just reminds me how easy these damn kids have it today. You don’t have to cut your knuckles trying to get the motherboard under the drive bays? You don’t have to break your fingernails on the SIMM clips? Get off my lawn!

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