Asgard falls, The Sentry gets put down, and Norman Osborne’s “Dark Reign” comes to an end. Does this final chapter of Siege deliver on the promise of a great ending? Yes and no. There is one last battle to be had and some nice closing moments during the aftermath setting up Marvel’s near future. However, issue #4 of both Siege and Siege: Embedded is the weakest of both four-issue mini-series (and Embedded loses point for me by shoving the title of Marvel’s next big event into the kind of forced “hey this is important!” comic narration that makes me want to stab someone in the eye). Spoilers after the jump.

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As ridiculous a villain as Razor Fist is (and that’s pretty damn ridiculous), he proves useful in this one-shot Siege tie-in issue as Bucky Cap works through his feelings over still wearing the red, white, and blue now that Steve Rogers has returned. Not a must-read tie-in, there’s nothing of Siege you’ll miss by skipping this issue, but it’s worth a look.

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