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You know that message you posted to your Facebook page declaring the social media site has no legal right to your content? Yeah… College Humor explains why it doesn’t have the legal impact you were expecting.

Facebook Law for Idiots

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Check out this commercial for Givit. I’ve never heard of the private video sharing site until now. In this commercial, it certainly looks like they’ve decided on their target market.

Engagement – Givit

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Batman and Superman take some time-off from saving the day to argue about each other’s Facebook updates in this video from the folks at How It Should Have Ended.

How It Should Have Ended: Super Café: Super Social Network via Walyou

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Your Favorite Martian shows us why you should never agree to set up your Grandmother with a Facebook account. NOTE: Slightly NSFW.

Grandma Got a Facebook – (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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One man’s life as told through Facebook.


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…I said you were.”*

Yes, we love Queen that much...For those of you curious what teh monkey sounds like when I’m rambling on and on about engagement on the internet, I contributed to a discussion on the state of online comments today on KCUR’s ‘Up to Date’. You can listen to the broadcast here (my call kicks in at the 25:15 mark), but what prompted my own engagement was the notion that somehow the comment threads on most news sites were an in-salvageable mess of trolls and griefers with only the rarest gem.

Those of you who spent time with our precursor site Transbuddha (yes, yes, we’re still working on putting the archives up) know that we know from trolls and griefers, but I’ve long been proud of the quality and tone of the conversations coming from you, our dear semi-anonymous internet pals. And I know that it was our deciding to take part in those discussions that made it so rewarding, and had no small part in our decision to forge ahead under the new banner of dadsbigplan.

So thank you for that, and thank for all the kind welcome-backs you’ve thrown our way. I can’t possibly convey how much that support has meant not only to me personally, but to Alex and Alan as well.

As an aside, my cell phone dropped the call just seconds after I finished the last sentence you hear from me. Thanks, Verizon! Thanks for robbing me of local public radio infamy!

*100 “Holy Crap You Know Your Movies” points if anyone can tell me what that headline was lifted from…

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