The Other Guys

by mr sparkle on August 6, 2010 · 11 comments

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In case you weren’t aware, Step Brothers is the greatest achievement ever in cinema ever.

Okay, it’s not. But at the rate that I, a film dork, think back to the Comedy Extroardinaire from Will Ferrell and frequent collaborator writer / director Adam McKay, it certainly would seem to own a spot on AFI’s top hundred. Following up solid laughers Anchorman and Talladega Nights, the McKay / Ferrell team has proved maybe the most bankable in Hollywood when it comes to laughs. If you’ve gone the past six years without someone quoting a Ron Burgundy line to you, it’s because you haven’t talked to anyone the past six years.

And, as a fan of the divisive Step Brothers, I, more than most, was totally excited for McKay and Ferrell’s newest film, The Other Guys. Maybe it’s because of these high expectations, but this fourth film from the duo appears to be the first hiccup, and unfortunately not a small one.

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Art, or more specifically, film, is at its best when it provokes thought.  Movies like Fight Club can make us question what we value and whether it’s worth a shit.  Or look at The Godfather Part II,  a film that examines power and loneliness, how they work and where they can leave a man.  Then there are films like The Seventh Seal, a film that questions life and death – what do they really mean?  We walk out of these movies refreshed with a new stance on life and how to experience it.  They lead to wonderful discussions in which we can further examine our collective experiences.

Then there are movies like MacGruber that, while they may totally lack a single ounce of intelligible thought, are just fucking funny.  And that’s enough.

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