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It’s that time again! Join Aaron, Alan, and Bobby as we mull over the merits (or lackthereof) of Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG, the timeless appeal of Columbo, and of course the week in comics (powered by the majestic of Hamms, the beer refreshing!).

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by alphamonkey on November 15, 2011

in Miscellany

So I spent a chunk of my weekend getting my Jedi via a weekend test invite for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and every single time I heard or saw the word “Coruscant” the following popped into my head:

Straight outta Coruscant! Crazy motherfucker in a Tie Fighter
from a gang called the Galactic Empire.
A clone bastard, I gotta blaster
got my speeder bike, you know it goes faster…

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Hmm… maybe I’ll make a bounty hunter. After I’ve got a small army of Sith (of course). Check out this short video from Bio Shock which shows us that bounty hunters may been a fun character class as well as Jedi in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Well, crap…. I’ve kinda let myself not think about BioWare’s big foray into MMORPGs, aka Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, BioWare decided to drop a new trailer at the 2011 E3 designed to grab me by the collar and smack me around until I needed to grab a textbook to hide my nerdly shame/excitement. Behold! The lastest SWtOR trailer, “Return” :

I’ll let you clean yourself up a little.

All better? Let’s talk turkey for a sec: As a fairly long-term World of Warcraft player, this trailer got me excited for how the classes fit together (especially since this is the first cinematic to give us any idea what the fighting styles might look like). Trooper, Bounty Hunter (or in this case) Smuggler, Jedi (up to 4 specializations IIRC) are meant to be able to balance the needs of the fight without requiring a specific class (Goodbye to waiting around for 2 hours while someone tracks down a tank or that last DPS player!) I’m not sure how cover mechanics will fit into gameplay (though I’m curious to find out), but I don’t mind admitting: SWtOR is the first SW themed property I’ve seen in ages that gets me EXCITED to spend more time in that galaxy far, far away. And this trailer (which is apparently the opening clip of the game) has certainly upped that ante a bit.

So yes, George Lucas will once again get to slide his childhood-rapist fingers deep into my jean pockets for another go. I suppose I’ll just have to take comfort in the fact that I’ll just be one of thousands. And since the Cap’n’s fondest wish is to mow down thousands and thousands of innocents under the vicious blades of his Sith lightsaber, I won’t be alone.

Yeah, I figured out a way to make an Usher/Star Wars reference in the title. THAT’S HOW I ROLL.

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