billy idol wedding singerThey say all actors want to be rock stars and vice versa. There are a select few who are able to do both, but for the most part, we don’t want musicians in our movies and we don’t want our movie stars on our stages. That’s why the rock star cameo is a fun and harmless little way for our favorite rockers to appear for a short time (sometimes as themselves) and disappear before they can do any real harm to the movie. Many times, the rock star cameo sounds way cooler on paper (Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow’s daddy “Pirate,” for example) or just plain fizzles out (Neil Diamond in “Saving Silverman”).

This list is proof that there is a way, however, to have rock star cameos that actually … well … rock. I know I missed some, so please leave comments below! If you have an idea for a Top 10, email me at Click here to see the Top 10 Rock Star Movie Cameos.

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aziz ansariComedian/actor Aziz Ansari (“Observe and Report,” NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”) saw “Star Trek” this weekend in an IMAX screen that was way smaller than the 72 ft. screen he was expecting for his extra $5. A tirade on his blog yesterday calling for a boycott of IMAX was passed around the Internet like crazy and hit the front page of Digg, thanks to his 27,000+ Twitter followers. It even prompted a smug response from IMAX’s CEO by the end of the day on another site.

But what are the facts about theaters that get retrofitted with only slightly bigger screens and still call the technology “IMAX”? Read the latest on the debate and get the facts on IMAX’s digital screens right here.

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