Jack and Jill

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Reuters yesterday declared Adam Sandler the new Tyler Perry. That’s not an unreasonable comparison – both churn out product annually or semiannually, and manage to gross their budget back several times over with comedies that leave the critics cold.

But despite the similarities, this seems like a strange point to compare the two movie stars because, unlike his recent collaborations with director Dennis Dugan from Happy Madison Productions, Jack and Jill kind of works.

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My sophomore year of High School, I might have been the one student at Shawnee Mission East that wasn’t in a perpetual state of going Bonkers for the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, The Curse of the Black Pearl. I didn’t think it ever found a comfortable balance between the humor and adventure it was going for, and was left in an awkward state of flux in between.


Still, I wasn’t blind to everyone else’s enthusiasm, and I found myself excited for its two-for-one sequels, Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. They came and went, neither doing much for me (though at least Dead Man’s Chest got its tone right). Even still, the amount of enthusiasm for the franchise from its fans and studio had me thinking a lot could go right with future sequels.
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Oh, snap!

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The Cap’n got mad when we made fun of his Condorman shirt and decided to pour maple syrup on our Categories server. So bear with us as we try de-syrup-ify our categories/tags.

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