At this point, Christopher Nolan’s Batman films are just as much about filmmaker as they are about the Dark Knight. This isn’t an issue of the vanity on Nolan’s part, this is a result of the work of a director who can very fairly be referred to as an auteur, and his radical revision of Gotham City that has swept popular culture in ways that Bob Kane’s superhero never had before.

The reputation he’s built for his Batman movies – as well as for himself – have reached intimidating heights. And with his decision that The Dark Knight Rises would be his final film, Nolan was practically daring himself to successfully find a way off the cliff of expectations that the previous installment, The Dark Knight, left the series dangling from.

The Dark Knight Rises sees Nolan successfully climb down with a film that is unsurprisingly wide in birth and big on thrills. He doesn’t get away without a fair few scratches, but movies this ambitious should be allowed this range of a hit-to-miss ratio when the hits hit as hard as they do.

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This week on the Four Color Freak-Out the Cap’n and alphamonkey take a look at the bittersweet pentultimate issues of some of our favorite comics from Simone, Miller, and more, as well an irreverent traipse through two pretty damn good weeks of comics. Plus Torchwood: Miracle Day, and discuss why digital distribution might be the only thing that saves comics (provided it’s done right).

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Note: We *totally* overlooked the very, very excellent Captain America #1 from Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven. It’s gorgeous, it’s clever, and you need to read it.



Awwwwwwww, yeah! Our pal Nick Mundy from Team Tiger Awesome joined The Cap’n, Bobby, Ian, and myself for a very train-wreck special edition of the Four Color Freak-Out, Episode 6: Attack of the Straps! (Aka “Holding the line at an hour 59”) in which we discuss Transformers 3, what’s wrong with Steven Spielberg, new trailers for Captain America and MI:4, debate the merits of “Hard Target” vs “Time Cop”, and of course manage to talk, complain, rage, and joke about the last couple o’ weeks in comics. Join us, won’t you?

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Because absolutely no one demanded it, we’re proud to announce the very first episode of Four Color Freak-Out!, the official dadsbigplan comics (and kinda whatever) podcast, starring our own Cap’n Carrot, myself, and Yellow creator Bobby Bierley. As this was our first go round, there’s not a whole lot o’ structure there, but if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped between three nerds talking about comics, movies, and unfortunate personal choices, then Four Color Freak-Out! is just for you!

We had a lot of fun recording this, and we’re looking forward to keeping this going. In fact, give us a listen and feel free to take us to task via voicemail at (816) 343-8886! We’ll be including the best messages into the next podcast, even if they make Cap’n cry.

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