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With a title like that how could you not listen? Maaaaybe a bit NSFW.


Longtime ‘buddha/dpb pal (and our favorite birthday boy) Nick Mundy from Team Tiger Awesome was tapped by ScreenJunkies to do the job he was born for: Interview The Rock* in Miami as part of the Pain & Gain press junket. AND IT IS HILARIOUS.

Considering this would be like asking me to towel off Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Hugh Jackman after a swim lesson, I have to say lifelong super-fan Nick held up well. I’ve seen folks scooped out of the interview chair for less.

*I’ll call him ‘Dwayne Johnson’ when he stops being THE FUCKING ROCK.


Our Team Tiger Awesome pals are back with another “Lost Episode of Super Friends” as the Flash discovers Wonder Woman‘s sex tape with the Penguin has been released online. A little NSFW, given subject matter and language, but certainly worth a look.

Wonder Woman’s Sex Tape: A Lost Episode of Super Friends


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Team Tiger Awesome‘s Nick Mundy.

Remember that time Mundy got drunk and sang the Silver Spoons theme song?


Our pals from Team Tiger Awesome remind us the group of guys you need to save the world from an asteroid isn’t necessarily a group of guys you would want to leave alone with your little sister.

Sometimes The Best Team for the Job Is The Worst Idea Ever


Ever wonder what ever happened to Wendy, Marv, and Wonderdog (from the old SuperFriends cartoon)? Don’t fret! Our pals at Team Tiger Awesome have the answer.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice – “Why Superheroes Make Terrible Bosses”


So when a conversation with Nick Mundy from Team Tiger Awesome starts off with “So how was the bully scene in Captain America?”, I know something is going on. Sure enough, the boys (along with Perry Adam Smith and Invisible Engine’s Sean Bury) give Steve Rogers his place in the sun with a showcase of his indomitable will and spirit.


Check out this Sesame Street mashup that comes to us by way of our pals at Team Tiger Awesome‘s Tumblr page.

Sesame Street breaks it down



Awwwwwwww, yeah! Our pal Nick Mundy from Team Tiger Awesome joined The Cap’n, Bobby, Ian, and myself for a very train-wreck special edition of the Four Color Freak-Out, Episode 6: Attack of the Straps! (Aka “Holding the line at an hour 59”) in which we discuss Transformers 3, what’s wrong with Steven Spielberg, new trailers for Captain America and MI:4, debate the merits of “Hard Target” vs “Time Cop”, and of course manage to talk, complain, rage, and joke about the last couple o’ weeks in comics. Join us, won’t you?

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From longtime pals Team Tiger Awesome comes a touching look at the damage wrought upon brothers during America’s horrific Civil War.

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