the cap’n loves him some BTAS Catwoman


You can pre-order this Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman Pop! Vinyl Figure for the low, low price of $11.

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Check out more of the art of Eric Matos in his deviantART gallery.


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This news makes me insanely happy. Among DC’s new action figures are the Batman: The Animated Series version of Catwoman (still my favorite version of the the character’s costume). Although I have the 3.5in. figure from the original series, its less-than-ideal mold limits how you can pose the figure without it toppling over. Also announced are figures from the revamped New Batman Adventures (the final season of BTAS that featured different designs for several of the characters) including Batman, Mr. Freeze, and Two-Face. You can find the full press release, including news on all the various other toys and figures DC the company plans to release this year, inside.


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