The First Avenger

Anyone listening to the podcasts has probably realized that while this has been a summer of superheroes, I’ve pinned my big hopes on next month’s Captain America: The First Avenger. Not because I expect some dark, grim look at the first Super Soldier, but because I want the exact opposite: Big, bright, hopeful fun with all the spirit and derring-do of director Joe Johnston’s early Hollywood career (which includes visual director for Raiders of the Lost Ark). I’ve maintained that this will be the event film of the summer, and the new trailer has done nothing to dissuade that notion.

I love that we’re given a Steve Rogers who is already a hero, even if his body can’t live up to his intentions. It’s a great touch, and one that I hope informs the rest of the film (which looks to be a mix of future-retro freakout and full on comic action). I rather think we need a hero film like this…

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