the great mouse detective

The 1980’s were lean years for Disney. Sure, the studio gave us The Fox and the Hound to begin the decade and The Little Mermaid to end it (and start a resurgence for Disney animated features), but the near decade in-between produced some very un-Disney-like choices for theatrical features including 1985’s The Black Cauldron and 1986’s The Great Mouse Detective.

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great-mouse-detectiveA comment on a recent post brought this film to my attention. A few weeks back I had picked up a copy cheap, but hadn’t gotten around to watching it. I remembered enjoying the film as a kid, and as a fan of all things Sherlock Holmes I decided to give it a try. Although not in the category of Disney’s best films, nor packing the celebrity punch of today’s animated flicks, The Great Mouse Detective holds up quite well.

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