the replacements

While everyone else in the rock underground were wearing paisley shirts and doing their best to imitate the English New Wave, The Replacements were getting drunk and singing about growing up, being confused, and being pissed off.

In 1984, they released “Let it Be” (the title chosen to get the goat of their manager, a big Beatles fan, and to prove that nothing is sacred) on a tiny Minneapolis indie label called Twin/Tone. It may not have seemed too important at the time, but now its regarded as one of the finest rock albums ever recorded. (Spin called it the 12th Greatest Record of All-Time.)

Written by Paul Westerberg, who always sang as if the weight of the world were on his shoulders (and he could give a fuck), “Unsatisfied” is simple, repetitive, loose, and perfect.

Read about and listen to The Great Songs: The Replacements – “Unsatisfied” here.

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