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If you have a couple of minutes check out this time-lapse video of the Earth from the International Space Station.

The World Outside My Window – Time-Lapses of Earth from the ISS

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Time is Nothing

by Cap'n Carrot on January 11, 2012

in Audio Visual

Kien Lam packed a bag, grabbed his camera and bought a one way ticket to London. 343 Days, 17 Countries, and 6237 photographs later he put together this time lapse of his journey around the world.

Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse

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To help our Latverian pal* feel a little more at home this season I’m going to share this time lapse video of Moscow.


*Okay, Raimonds is actually from Latvia, not Latveria, but that’s nowhere near as fun to type.

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What happens to old vinyl people used to play? That’s the question asked in this short film by Chopsy Animations and director Darren Robbie. The video, shot around Bristol, uses a variety of filmmaking techniques including stop-frame, pixellation, live-action & time lapse animation.

INTO THE COSMOS – Architeq/Chopsy

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From Pierre Jolivet comes this time lapse video spanning three years in a single location in Paris showcasing the deconstruction of one skyscraper and the erection of a new one in its place.

3 Years At The Same Place (english version)

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How about some phenomenally gorgeous time-lapse cinematography to ease us out of a this meh Tuesday? Below is a short collection of production footage from Tom Lowe’s film “Southwest Lights” that showcases the astounding beauty to be found in the American Southwest…

Timescapes: “Death is the Road to Awe” from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

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