Top 10 Worst Sequels

air budScene-Stealers sitegoer Will Dawson from Lawrence, KS contributes today’s Top 10 list on the opposite side of a subject that both J.D. and I have covered before. In Eric’s Top 10 Best Sequels and J.D.’s Top 10 Best Sequels, we took on the difficult task of finding that elusive successful series film that doesn’t completely suck. Will, on the other hand, is getting up close and personal with the ones that really sucked. Bad.

Out of a list that in my mind probably numbers in the thousands,Will was able to narrow down to 10 movies that he thinks are the worst sequels ever made. (At least one actor of note appears in two of them!) If you have a list of your own, email it to me at In the meantime, please enjoy Will’s Top 10 Worst Sequels list.