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Okay, so we lied. No Bobby and we blow past 45 minutes like it’s the check-out counter at Randy Quaid’s hotel*. But we’ve got a veritable SLEW of comics to cover as well as Doctor Who, Iron Man 3 spoilers, Free Comic Book Day (and how Atomic Robo totally owned that day), the wisdom of Zach Braff, and an intervention of Cap’n Carrot’s hideous carrot addiction.

Spoiler: Hawkeye still kicks ass. And Aaron still loves the Avengers and all related titles.

*If you caught that reference; congratulations and we’re sorry.

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Some of the dialogue doesn’t quite line up but I’ve got to admit this Star Wars / Top Gun mashup made me smile.

Top Wing: The Maverick Strikes Back – Trailer Mash-Up Re-Cut

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Rumors persist that Jerry Bruckheimer, Tony Scott, and Tom Cruise will be reunited for a Top Gun sequel. Putting aside whether or not the film needs (or even deserves) a sequel there is the issue of what to call the movie. Because we’re always trying to be helpful we’ve come up with ten acceptable, and highly marketable, titles for Top Gun 2.

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The Princess BrideJ.D. took one look at Eric’s list last week of films he can watch over and over again and never get tired of and decided to take it one step further. By looking deep into his soul, J.D. has concocted a list of the 10 movies he’s actually watched more than any other.

There are surely some old classics that make an appearance, but when you do the numbers, it’s interesting to see what you’ve actually watched, and what that says about you. What are yours? Sound off here.

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