treasure hunting

“This is a centuries old book written to a man’s dead twin brother donated by an equally eccentric recently deceased modern day Howard Hughes as part of a posthumous treasure hunt. There’s nothing simple about this one.”

This is a very odd episode, and the fact that the cast make it work makes it all the more interesting. When a wealthy man leaves two forged wills and treasure map for his sons (played by real-life brothers Christopher Masterson and Danny Masterson) it’s up to Neal (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim DeKay) to follow the clues and solve the case. And the clock is ticking as the man’s granddaughter is being held for ransom by a kidnapper (William Sadler) demanding a piece of the estate.

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Dig for gold, kill some goblins, and search for The Legend of the Golden Robot. What more could you want on a lazy Tuesday afternoon?

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