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Even if NBC seems to be doing its damndest to make sure no one ever watches their network again (‘cept for the inherent awesomeness of Chuck, of course) the USA Network (which is owned by NBC Universal) seems to be going strong.

Psych returns tonight to round out a schedule which already includes new episodes of White Collar and Burn Notice. To help you get Psych-ed (sorry, couldn’t resist) here’s the “Private Eyes” commercial featuring the cast of the show.

Private Eyes Psych Commercial


We had a little fun with the Japanese version of the Gilligan’s Island‘s intro yesterday. In that same vein I present to you the the intro for Pinky and the Brain, in German.

Pinky und Brain – german intro


Take a look at this, little buddy.

Gilligan’s Island Opening (Japanese Version)

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Conan says goodbye

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In case you missed it Conan O’Brien signed off Friday night for the final time as the host of The Tonight Show. And he did it with class:

Well done. I have no doubt Coco will land on his feet (and a $45 million cushion NBC gave him should help his fall).

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T. and T.

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The year was 1987. Mr. T played a boxer convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Alexandra Amini was the young crusading lawyer who took his case. Once released T. became a private detective and together they were – T. and T.

Oh 80’s Saturday morning television, there is no limit to the amount of crazy awesome you have to share.

Original 1988 T. and T. season 1 theme


Conan O’Brien might be going away, but he’s not doing it quietly. Last night the late night host unveiled his new philosophy “we can do whatever we want, and they have to pay for it. So for the rest of the week we’re going to introduce new comedy bits that aren’t so much funny as crazy expensive.” The first bit: a Bugatti Veyron mouse introduced to the Rolling Stones hit “Satisfaction.” The cost? $1.5 Million. The look on NBC’s execs faces when learning of this? Priceless. Nicely played sir.

Conan OBriens Bugatti Veyron Mouse


He does whatever a spider can. Look out! Here comes a Spider-Man:

Spider-Man (1967) – ”The Origin of Spider-Man”


I love a good A-Team mashup as much as the next guy, so here’s The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission-Team (courtesy of The Daily Show).


I’ve been meaning to post this musical number from the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, but haven’t gotten around to it. Thankfully the news that Neil Patrick Harris will appear on the Joss Whedon directed episode of Glee, scheduled to hit all of our idiot boxes during May sweeps, made me remember. (That sound you hear is my dance of joy). Anywho, here’s “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit“:


Human Target

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If networks are looking for canceled comics to turn into primetime TV-shows I have some suggestions (*cough* Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! *cough*). Based on the comic of the same name, Mark Paul Valley stars as bodyguard/security expert Christoper Chance in Human Target. Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley also star. The show premiered Sunday night, and moves its regular Wednesday slot tomorrow night on FOX. Take a look at the short clip below (featuring guest-star Tricia Helfer) and, if you like, stick around and watch the whole thing.

Human Target – “Pilot”