Twilight Zone

Who doesn’t love William Shanter? Commies, that’s who! Now you can get (i.e. pre-order) your very own black and white 8in. Shatner action figure based on his characters from The Twilight Zone. The figure comes with clothing for both “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and “Nick of Time.” Apparently, the evil airplane gremlin is sold separately. The figure will first be available at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con and is available to order “while supplies last.”


Attention Twilight Zone fans:

Now you can have you own 8 inch Talky Tina from “The Living Doll.” That’s right, your daughter’s joy, and your inability to ever feel safe in your own home, can be yours for $40.

Tina comes in a two-figure set along with Willie, the ventriloquist dummy from the aptly titled “The Dummy.”

Each includes multiple points of articulation, “authentic fabric clothing, and a retro design” in the style of action figures from the 1970’s.

The pair is set to be released in August, but you can pre-order your own today.


Yeah, I didn’t know it was a holiday either, but I’m more than happy for an excuse to throw a little love in the direction of The Twilight Zone. has a few episodes available online (though they include only a fraction of the series, and their ineptitude has left the embed option disabled – thanks!). So if you’re in the mood here are a few we’d recommend: Time Enough At Last, A World Of Difference, To Serve Man, and The Invaders.