While it’s well known that Scene-Stealers Eric and this site have a long history, you might not realize that the connection is actually older than the name “dadsbigplan” (let alone Transbudda). Eric, along with Bill McShane and the incomparable Nick Colby were pop Tri-Force that was Ultimate Fakebook, which just happened to be one of my all time favorite Kansas City/Lawrence/Manhattan bands. After 3 full-lengths and one EP Fakebook called it a day back in 2003, but after a handful of reunion shows over the last two years the boys decided it was high time to unleash their vault of demos, b-sides, and never-were’s unto the world. UFB made unabashedly fun pop-rock at a time when pop was nearly a dirty word (stupid 90’s), and if wall-to-wall infectious hooks laid atop songs unafraid to rock out with its uh, sock out are your thing, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Tomorrow marks the launch of their new self-released Daydream Radio is Smiling Static, and I for one could not be more pleased. Check out their teaser:

Or head over to UFBROCKS.COM for a free download of the tune “Wallflower Zero”. I’ve heard a handful of the tracks, and there’s a lot of UFB love to be had therein. Now all that’s left for me to do is shake my monkey fists at Eric at the Scott Pilgrim screening tonight until he produces my vinyl copy….

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