WordPress released 2.5 unto a grateful world this weekend, so I took the update opportunity to make a few other little tweaks.

The crap-o Captcha is gone and has been replaced with ReCaptcha, which is both more effective as a spam-killer, and a socially beneficial tool as well.

If you’re a contributing reader (if not, why not start now?) you’ll see a streamlining of the posting page, which is always nice.

After much prodding from our good pal Andy Cochrane, I’ve added a Subscribe To Comments feature (via this nifty plugin), which does pretty much what it sounds like. Interested parties can keep track of contentious comment tomfoolery via simple e-mail notification. Sweetness.

Speaking of comments, WordPress 2.5 has native support of Gravatars, so I may play with including that functionality. Weigh in via the comments if you have an opinion on that one.

A number of other changes have been made, but mostly of a back-end variety that shan’t intrude upon the traditional Transbuddha experience, but will make things nice and shiney for a stats nerd like me.

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