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Everything Wrong With V For Vendetta

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If you’re not hitting the movie theater tonight to see Megamind (seriously, go see it!), but instead looking to snuggle up with a flick in the comfort of your own home you should remember that today is the 5th of November. The Wachowski Bros. version of V for Vendetta is certainly flawed (and nowhere near as good as Alan Moore’s original graphic novel), but it does have its charms and works well-enough for what it is. Have I tempted you? Maybe a little? Take a look at my 2006 review of the film and see if I can get you to remember the 5th of November tonight.

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Make Mine DC

by Cap'n Carrot on April 20, 2010

in Comics!,Mashup

This fan mash-up of various DC Comics properties is pretty cool (even if it does include Catwoman and way too much Watchmen). Sadly none of the older movies (pre-Batman Begins) get included here, and curiously there’s no love for The Spirit, but Vertigo get in on the action with both V for Vendetta and Constantine managing to earn spots.


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