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Twilight: The Game

by Cap'n Carrot on February 28, 2012

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Robot Chicken gives us a fair approximation of what Twilight might look like as a video game.

Robot Chicken: Twilight: The Game

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I didn’t think so… until the Oscars unveiled this auto-tune mashup. Have a look.

Harry Potter, Twilight, Toy Story 3, Social Network Mash – Up Music

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The folks over at Epipheo Studios have put motion and sound to The Oatmeal’s How Twilight Works. The result is sure to anger tweens and soccer moms everywhere.

Why Twilight is Popular

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Stephanie Meyer’s teen vampire romance book “Twilight” makes it to the big screen this weekend starring Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella. There’s no doubt that “Twilight” will make tons of cash, but will it satisfy fans an non-fans of the book alike? Scene-Stealers Host Eric Melin and guest co-host Whitney Mathews ( review “Twilight” from the perspective of someone who has and someone who hasn’t read the book. Is the Catherine Hardwicke-directed vampire romance fantasy just for teenagers? Find out in this on-camera movie review of “Twilight.”

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