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We now have our first look at Assassin’s Creed, the latest attempt to bring a video game to the big screen. Can it succeed where many have failed? Based on the game series of the same name, Michael Fassbender stars an assassin who gains the memories and experiences of a 15th Century ancestor enabling him to join the centuries-old conflict between assassins and the Templar Order. Marion Cotillard, Ariane Labed, Jeremy Irons, and Brendan Gleeson also star. The movie opens in theaters on December 21st.

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Prince of Persia

by Cap'n Carrot on May 28, 2010 · 6 comments

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What do you say about a film which includes a “dagger of time” and magic sand which powers its time traveling capabilities? Yeah…magic sand!? Let’s get this out of the way right from the start – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is ridiculous. Yes, utterly and completely ridiculous. It is however, at times, also fun.

Trying to find a good movie adapted from a video game is akin to finding a boy band who has aged well over the years. It just doesn’t happen all that often. Director Mike Newell and screenwirters Boaz Yakin, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard attempt to adapt the video game franchise created by Jordan Mechner for the big screen. How successful they are is debatable.

The story centers around Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal), a street uchin who as a child was adopted into the family of King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup) and now is one of three princes of the Persian Empire. Although miscast (he’s neither an action star nor Persian) Gyllenhall relies on his charm to provide the kind of scruffy likable hero the film needs to build it’s silly premises around.

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