the hurt locker 2009It’s been a pretty slow and steady rollout for Kathryn Bigelow’s intense Iraq War drama “The Hurt Locker.” A tight thriller with a huge amount of character development wrapped up in a deceptively simple story, it follows a group of bomb diffusers in Baghdad.

With all the critical acclaim its been getting (more even than the misguided praise for the new “Harry Potter” flick!), “The Hurt Locker” is an early contender (especially now that the field of nominees has opened up to 10) for a Best Picture nomination. Does it live up to the hype? Find out right now. He may have finished it a little late this morning, but nevertheless, Eric’s print review is here.

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Tuesday\'s Worth ReadingGet your read on with this set of interesting, clever, and diversionary articles:

It’s been a while but the supposedly true stories of a tech-department-gone-horribly-wrong known as ‘Where is Bob‘ is updating once again. This time the hapless boss has set his sites on that most egregious example of workplace waste: Interns.

There is no hate more pure than a man’s hatred for his mom’s favorite singer as evidenced by An Open Letter to Celine Dion.

I’ve avoided posting on the passage of California’s Proposition 8 mostly because it’s such a terrible, terrible mark upon an otherwise uplifting election season. But rather than stew about it, Tom Ackerman has a novel approach to turning the tide: Simply refusing to recognize anyone’s marriage.

And since intellectual powerhouses* like William Kristol are pushing for Bush to proactively pardon America’s more over-zealous soldiers in the War on Terror, Jon Swift posits that same pardon should be extended to Wal-Mart shoppers responsible for the stampeding death of a store employee on Black Friday.

File under: They still made that? Well, not anymore. Gaze in wonder and horror at The Long, Slow, Torturous Death of Zima from Slate Magazine.

And finally… the global financial crisis has impacted nearly every aspect of business, but Marc Stober showcases where it’s hurting the most: Personnel. read the Stober Family Financial Memo.

*and by ‘powerhouse’ I mean has a perfect 0.0 record for accuracy, insight, or common sense

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I hereby take back maybe one bad thing I’ve said about TwitterThe Mars Phoenix Tweets: “We Have Ice”. A rocking day for interplanetary science.

This man kicked your kitchen’s ass – A little bit on the beautiful mind of Peter Schlumbohm

iTunes hates you, but you’re too dumb to know it – Don Reisinger lays down all the reasons iTunes popularity just perpetuates the many ways we let the music industry screw us over.

While you’re feeling crappy… How about a little bit of dirt on just how badly KBR has been bilking the US government for the last 5 years?

And Friday is always the right day to talk about sex, so read up on The Orgasmic Mind: The Neurological Roots of Sexual Pleasure. Three cheers for reward systems! Huzzah!

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Internet SausageRichard Dawkins’ Open Letter to a victim of Ben Stein’s lying propaganda – I’m not sure why anyone would trust a former Nixon speechwriter, Visine pitchman, and the guy responsible for Jimmy Kimmel’s television career over say..a scientist when it comes to matters like evolutionary theory (not to mention believing that resulted in the Holocaust), but there you have it.

While we’re on the subject…

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online – Half the battle, and all that.

And speaking of ‘half the battle’…

Some more G.I. Joe : The Movie character stills – A lot of these shots look like the ones that figure makers will use to develop the action-figures, but so far I ain’t that excited over this. I do like how Dennis Quaid looks like he’s having a grand old time. The Baroness better find some damn glasses, stat.

Coming soon to a battlefield near you: Regenerative body parts! – A rather interesting look at the military’s efforts to develop replacement body parts.

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Tim Robbins NAB KeynoteAdvertising Age shares the last six minutes of Tim Robbins’ controversial keynote speech at the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Regardless of Robbins’ own political leanings, there’s a lot to admire in the sentiment he puts forth here; in effect advocating a fundamental change in how broadcasters approach their core programming beliefs.

If you can, I’d say listen to the entire speech (this mp3 link) which is actually quite funny, as he skewers both himself and his critics regarding his war views, along with a rather sarcastic look back at the history of broadcasting. There’s no shortage of NSFW language herein, and the audio quality is shite, but it’s an entertaining listen.

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Mornin' Sausage

by alphamonkey on April 9, 2008

in Comics!

The Story of Slaughterhouse Five & the Evolution of Kurt Vonnegut

When Ads were Mod

Todd Levin continues his gaming autobiography with Praystation

Kevin Church and Birdie put Uwe Boll’s career in perspective

CBGB’s opens its doors once more. As a chic fashion store.

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Well, it’s a particularly good day to be from Lawrence, KS. The Jayhawks have won the National Championship and Mass Street has finally cleared out from 40,000 drunk celebrants. As we write this, thousands of fans are welcoming the team home! Seems like now is a perfectly reasonable time to talk about movies that have taken us on devastatingly emotional journeys and taxed the soul and psyche.

You’ve had a week to chew on Eric’s list of Top 10 Movies No One Should Have to Watch More Than Once. This week, J.D. responds with ten more great films that you may only want to watch once. Read J.D.’s Top 10 here.

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What Every American Should Know About the Middle East – Sad to think such a primer is necessary in this information-filled world, but there you have it. Personally I’m waiting for the all important ‘What Everyone Should Know About Misfits of Science‘.

Dick Cavett doles out some much-needed advice to the presidential candidates. – Personally I’d be happy if the comedy writers were more Arrested Development than Everybody Loves Raymond, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Thanks to Coudal Partners for the find.

Creepiest M&M Commercial Ever – And folks, that’s saying something. To whit:

In the news…

Big Oil took on Congress today in a hearing to determine why the industry would still require 18 billion dollars in federal subsidies when they’ve been posting record profits (to the tune of $123 billion dollars last year alone). So far not a lot of answers, but a lot of huff-and-puffery from the execs.

Most unexpected headline of the day: Tibetans Plan Suicide Attacks on Olympics, China Says – Wait…what? Did I miss the day when Buddhists became that violent?

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The Daily BatmanBlender runs down the 20 Biggest Record Company Screw-Ups. Missing from the list: Prog Rock.

Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: The Annotated Lyrics: Track by track breakdown of the Pogue’s finest moment. Not discussed: Shane McGowan’s dental habits.

The 50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: If you’re not playing a cootchie pink BC Rich Warlock, you’re not playing rock n’ roll.

Because we all need a little more Bats in our diet: The Daily Batman

Congress finally gets off its butt and takes a close look at Federal Communications Commission Chair Kevin Martin and a number of managerial decisions that may have squelched reports whose conclusions didn’t dovetail with the official line.

And speaking of the squash: The Pentagon’s long-awaited report on whether Saddam Hussein had operational ties to al Qaeda or not (answer: nope) gets a little less love this morning, as the Pentagon canceled a press release announcing its availability, and has pulled all digital copies from their online archive. How about you just go a head and read it anyway? The troubling bits (for the administration) in question or the whole enchilada.

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Taste the News!

by alphamonkey on March 5, 2008

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Casa del Mono spent the better part of the morning trying to dig ourselves out of the ice, slush, and snow that bombarded us last night, an endeavor made more exciting due to the street plows undoing half the work with ever pass. Sigh

Anyway, let’s see what goes on in the world:

Texas is pitching a fierce battle in the fight to keep people from owning sex toys. Yes, they’re fighting the recent Federal Appeals ruling that struck down the Lone Star state’s ban on sex toys because we all know that vibrators and other accessories are, as the Texas filing argues, “a one-way street to consensual adult incest and bigamy”. Slate has the full filing available to read right here.

Vanity Fair releases an article detailing the US’s missteps in pushing for the January 2006 elections in Gaza, along with (if proven to be accurate) illegal arms dealing in a losing bid to oust the elected Hamas party from power. The State Department has so far issued only cursory rebuttals. Considering a couple of key players in this were convicted (and subsequently pardoned) in the Iran Contra scandal under the Reagan administration, one kinda has to wonder just how far we went.

Simon Pegg is not happy about the upcoming American remake of Spaced, and here’s why. Can’t say I blame him there.

For my web dev friends out there: Internet Explorer 8 will default to standards compliant mode! Woot!

The Village Voice looks at the World of Warcraft’s strangest offshoot: Pr0n.

And just because: My favorite headline from the last couple of weeks: “Twin Gay-Porn Stars Arrested in Rooftop Burglaries” from the Philadelphia Daily News.

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